Wide Vagina

 “Acquire sensation of wide vagina” can result from the aging process, overstretching, breaking or cutting vaginal walls and/or supporting vaginal tissues during natural birth.  Commonly, women described as a “glassy smoth vagina” sensation or “empty feeling” during a sexual intercourse.  One or many causes can lead to this sensation, and usually, there are many causes:

  1. Diminished or absence of vaginal ridges, which are present naturally in a healthy vagina.
  2. Single or many site-specific defects of the vaginal walls.
  3. Vaginal opening site-specific defects.
  4. Perineal membrane site-specific defects.
  5. Perineal body site-specific defects.
  6. Neurological origin (surgical treatment will not help and can worsen the condition).

The transformation to the tighter vagial sensation is accomplished by reconstructing all the vaginal-perineal defects and rebuilding vaginal ridges.  To repair these defects require performing several surgical procedures.  Dr. Ostrzenski develped and pioneered surgical treatment for acquire sensation of wide vagial.  Until recently, surgical techniques such as “anterior-posterior vaginal wall repair with or without perineoplasty” or tightening vagina with laser (“Designer Laser Vaginoplasty”, or “Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation”) was applied.  These surgical approaches may or may not restore sensation of a tighter vagina sensation, since they do not correct the origin of defects.  In “acquire sensation of wide vagina”, restoration of vaginal ridges and reconstruction of all site-specific defects of the vagina and supporting/suspending vaginal structures address the causation of the problem and can result in long lasting improvement, can increase feeling and enjoyment of friction strokes during sexual intercourse.

* “Vaginal Regation Rejuvenation (Restoration): A New Surgical Technique for an Acquired Sensation of Wide/Smooth Vagina
Adam Ostrzenski
Gynecol Obsted Invest., 2011 August 5. [ePub ahead of print]
(To access click HERE)