Scar Revision


The goal of surgical scar revision is to make the existing scar less VISIBLE and to blend it smoothly into the surrounding skin tone/texture. Utilizing the advanced surgical technique of the wound closure can help greatly in revision. Poor surgical techniques and poor healing processes can lead to raised, recent, or wide scar. Those scars can be successfully revised, and can provide more of an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Although scars cannot be eliminated, the following types of scars can be revised:

  • Surface irregularity
  • Discoloration (darker [hyperpigmented] or lighter [hypopigmented] in color)
  • Hypertrophic scars (raised, red, uncomfortable, wide)
  • Keloids (larger than hypertrophic scars, can be uncomfortable or itchy or wrinkled)
  • Contracture skin scars restrict motion, and is caused from the skins underlying tissues fusing together during the healing process

Determining the type of scar is an essential step in qualifying a patient to the appropriate surgical technique. There is not a single surgical intervention that can be applied to all types of scars for revision.