Thin Labia Reduction

The thin labia (labium minora) are the hairless structures of external female genitalia.  Labioplasty is the operation on the thin labia which:

  • reduces the size.
  • Preserves edges.
  • Reshapes contours.
  • Establishes the symmetry and uniform color.
  • Transforms to natural, youthful appearance.
  • Builds self-confidence & gets acceptance from others.

There is not one-best-fit operation for this labia labioplasty to fit all.  At least, there are eigth (8) complete range of operation techniques that are available for a surgeon to select from.  Therefore, a surgeon has to choose an appropriate operation(s) to fit your particular desire aesthetic outcome.  One of these techniques has been developed by Professor Ostrzenski and was named “Labia Minora Labioplasty by Fenestration with Inferior Flap Trasposition”.  This operation acoomplishes the following:

  1. Reduces teh size and thickness of the thin labia.
  2. Preserves your own natural edges, contuour, shape, and color of the thin labia.
  3. Achieves the symmetry of the thin labia.
  4. Extents of the thin labia to desire lenth.
  5. Hides the scar at the base of the thin labia that becomes almost invisible.

A candidate for this operation must be carefully selected as it is true and necessary in each case to decide on an appropriate operation to fit a particular woman’s cosmetic desire.  Also, existing operations (8 techniques) can be mixed in order to accomplish desire aesthetic results.


* “Fenestration Labioreduction of the Labium Minus: A New Surgical Intervention Concept”

Adam Ostrzenski
ISRN Obstetrics and Gynecology
Volume 2014 (2014), Article ID 671068, 7 pages

(To access click HERE)