A Female Urinary Incontinence New Surgical Therapy

Prof. Dr. Ostrzenski established the new etiology and novel surgical intervention (“urethral stabilization procedure”)
for female stress urinary incontinence were based
Prof. Dr. Ostrzenski’s anatomical discovery of “urethral stabilizing mechanism.”
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New Anatomical Discoveries within the Female Urogenital Structures:

  1. The urethral stabilizing mechanism,
  2. Occurrences of site-specific defects within the urethral stabilizing mechanism,
  3. G-spot,
  4. Verification of the anatomy and newly discovered histology of the G-spot complex,
  5. The G-spot complex role in the genesis of anterior vaginal wall ballooning.
  6. The Clitoral Infrafrenulum Fascial Bundle: The Anatomy and Histology,
  7. The adipose sac structure within the labia majora,
  8. Currently, conducting the study on the clitoral new anatomical structure.

Prof. Dr. Ostrzenski used these anatomical discoveries to develop new surgical techniques.
All the new surgical interventions were published in the mainstream peer-review journals.
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