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Adam Ostrzenski, M.D., Ph.D., Dr. Hab., Dr. Honoris Causa

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University Full Professor of Gynecology

Brief Professional Profile

Adam Ostrzenski is a full professor and the retired director of the Division of Operative Gynecology. He was trained in the US and European universities. Prof. Ostrzenski is a practitioner, an educator, and a clinical-scientific researcher who specializes in the field of female stress urinary incontinence (F-SUI) and pelvic reconstructive surgeries without using slings or meshes and uses only native tissues for restoration. He also specializes in botched surgeries of F-SUI, restorative pelvic surgery, and female genital cosmetic-plastic surgery.

Prof. Dr. Ostrzenski established the new etiology, site-specific defects within the urethral stabilizing mechanism, and developed novel surgical treatment, a urethral stabilization procedure, for female stress incontinence (F-SUI) without using slings and meshes. In the preliminary study, Prof. Dr. Ostrzenski documented high cure rates without severe complications. For developing a new surgical intervention of total vaginal prolapse with native tissues and without using sling or meshes, this research won an international competitive prize and the award was presented by the German-Turkish Gynecologic Society. Also is a laureate of Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award for Contributions to Medical Science and recipient of other international and domestic awards and honors for his contributions to the progress in a woman’s health. In 2012 and 2014, Prof. Ostrzenski’s research articles in his study field were ranked number one in the world and they were selected from 23-million publications.

Prof. Dr. Ostrzenski developed new surgical techniques in classic, laparoscopic, and trans vaginal approaches and published them in mainstream scientific journals. They were abstracted and indexed in the PubMed website. He authored educational books and educational articles for students and doctors. His scientific-clinical articles were predominantly related to female pelvic reconstructive surgery and female stress urinary incontinence. Recently, he has completed several years of clinical-scientific research on F-SUI and published the results in scientific journals.

To develop new surgical techniques, Prof. Dr. Ostrzenski conducted several anatomy studies and discovered the following new anatomy structure within female genitalia:

  1. The urethral stabilizing anatomy assisted in developing a urethral stabilization procedure
  2. The G-spot anatomy assisted in developing G-spotpalsty technique
  3. The labia majora adipose sac anatomy assisted in developing a new reconstructive operation
  4. The clitoral frenulum fascia assisted in developing a new restorative procedure
  5. The lateral vaginal anatomy verification allows developing lateral vaginal reconstruction

The perineal body, site-specific defects identification, helped in developing a modify posterior perineoplasty

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