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Cosmetic-Plastic Gyenocologic
Course and Workshop
New & Old Surgical Techniques

Offered by Prof. Dr. Adam Ostrzenski, M.D., Ph.D., Dr. Habil., Dr. Honoris Causa

Prof. Dr. Adam Ostrzenski is the director of the Institute of Gynecology, Inc. in Florida, USA, and has been practicing cosmetic-plastic gynecology (CPG) and teaching surgeon, CPG techniques for many years. He is very experienced surgeons and clinical-scientific researcher in the field of a cosmetic, reconstructive pelvic surgeon and the pioneer of female stress urinary incontinence therapy without using sling or meshes. Click here for scientific articles.

Course and Workshop

New CPG Surgical Techniques(No Traditional GYN Procedures)
Developed By:

Prof. Adam Ostrzenski, M.D., Ph.D., Dr. Habil., Dr.Honoris Causa:

    • • Vaginal Rejuvenation
    • • Clitoral Hoodoreduction
    • • Clitoral Frenuloplasty
    • • Hymenoplasty
    • • Vaginal Introitoplasty
    • • Fenestration Labia Minora Labioreduction
    • • Labia Minora Delamination with Fenestration Labioreduction
    • • Labia Majora Rejuvenation
    • • Labia Majora Labiopexy
    • • G-Spotplasty
    • • Ventral and Dorsal Perineal Membrane Restoration
    • • Urethral Stabilizing Procedure
    • • Modified Posterior Perineoplasty
    • • Lateral Vaginal Complex Colporrhaphy
    • • Perineal Body Reconstruction

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New Anatomical Structure Discoveries by Prof. Dr. Ostrzenski within the Female Genitalia were scientific-clinical basis for developing these new surgical interventions.

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