Thick Labia Rejuvination

Thick Labia Rejuvination

Prof. Dr. Adam Ostrzenski discovered the new structure within the thick labia and named it “Adipose Sac of Labia Majora.”

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He used this discovery to develop new surgical techniques of labiopexy and labioplasty.

Aging, giving birth, and inherited irregularity affect thick or hairy labia (labia majora). Female cosmetic genital surgery will transform thick labia to a more youthful appearance by:

• Reshaping the labia majora look can be accomplished by collecting the patient’s own fat tissue and transfer it to the desired labial areas (the autologous fat transfer)

• Surgical restoration of the thick labia by:

• Labiopexy by Colles’ fascia restoration (Click Here for the Article)
• Labioplasty by adipose sac reconstruction (Click Here for the Article)
• Thick labial lift by reconstructing adipose sac and mons pubic superficial fascia

(Consult the Section of MONS Pubic Lift in this website

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