Genital Prolapse


Prof. Dr. Ostrzenski’s new surgical techniques for pelvic organ prolapse are developed based upon the concept of repairing site-specific defects of the female pelvic organs without using surgical meshes orsurgical slings, or permanent stiches. Reconstructions of anterior vaginal prolapse (bladder prolapse or cystocele); posterior vaginal prolapse (rectocele); lateral vaginal prolapse, total vaginal prolapse, perineal body defects, posterior perineum (female crotch) defects, uterine prolapse, and female stress incontinence are performed by usingonly native tissues to restore defective natural anatomy. Such a surgical approach providesthe high degree of the cure rate for pelvic organ prolapse. Prof. Dr. Ostrzenski’s total vaginal prolapse surgical technique won the international special prize.

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