Dr. Ostrzenski’s Practices

A. Specializes In:

  1. Female Genital Cosmetic-Plastic Surgery
  2. Restoring a natural look after botched female genital cosmetic surgery
  3. Restoring a natural look of the female genitalia associated with birth defect(s)
  4. Restoring a natural look of the female genitalia associated with Lichen Sclerosus deformity
  5. Female Urinary Incontinence Therapies without Using Surgical Slings or Meshes
  6. Female Genital Prolapse Treatment without Using Surgical Meshes
  7. Cosmetic scar revision

B. Educates Surgeons In:

  1. I.   The Cosmetic-Plastic Gynecologic Field
    1. General Principles of Cosmetic Surgery
    2. Cosmetic-Plastic Gynecologic Courses Supported by:
      • PowerPoint Presentation
      • Videos of the Female Genital Anatomy (including new discoveries) and Videos of Live Female Genital Cosmetic Surgeries (over 2,5 hours)
    3. Surgical Training (Proctorship) in Your Operating Room
    4. Cosmetic-Plastic Gynecologic Hands-on Workshops (dry and wet laboratories)
    5. Professor Ostrzenski concluded the next cycle of his clinical-scientific research and developed the following new surgical techniques relating to cosmetic-plastic gynecology:
      1. The Labia minora:
        • Labiolysis
        • Labiolift
        • Anterior laminectomy with fenestration labioplasty
        (for neurovascular bundle preservation)
      2. The Clitoral prepuce:
        • Prepucioplasty
        • Reconstructive hoodoplasty
        • Restorative hoodoplasty
      3. The Clitoral Frenulum
        • Frenuloplasty
      4. The Labia Majora
        • Anterior Commissuroplasty
        • Labiolift
        (by superior mans pubic fascia reconstruction and inguinal approach)
        • Labiopexy
        (by Colles’ fascia reconstruction)
        • Labioplasty
        (by adipose sac reconstruction)
        • Posterior Commissuroplasty
      5. The Vagina
        • Vaginal rejuvenation
        (7 different techniques)
        • Lateral vaginal reconstruction
        • Modified vaginal tightening
      6. The Vaginal Introitus
        • Anterior vaginal introitus reconstruction
        • Lateral vaginal introitus reconstruction
        • Multiple vaginal introital defect reconstructions
      7. The Posterior Perineum
        •  Modified posterior perineoplasty
        (by site-specific defect reconstructions of the dorsal perineum membrane, urethrovaginal sphincter muscle, levator ani muscles, perineal muscles, central point of perineum, pubocervical fascia)
      8. Perineal Body
        • Perineal Body Reconstruction

    II.  Female Stress Urinary Incontinence:

    1. The Anatomy of the Urethral Stabilizing Mechanism
    2. The New Etiology of Stress Urinary Incontinence
    3. The New Urethral Stabilizing Procedure without Using Surgical Slings or Meshes

    III. Female Genital Prolapse:

    1. The Anatomy of Suspensory and Supportive Structures of Female Pelvic Organs
    2. Surgical Interventions for Reconstructions of the Site-specific Defects without Surgical Meshes

C. Conducts Clinical-Scientific Research and Publishes it's Results

in Peer-Review mainstream Journals on the Field of Cosmetic-Plastic Gynecology, Female Urinary Incontinence, and Female Genital Prolapse.

For Prof. Dr. Ostrzenski’s Curriculum Vitae