Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation (VR)


Professor Ostrzenski defines vaginal rejuvenation  as a surgical intervention  that transforms vaginal gross and functional anatomy to achieve more enjoyable sensation during vaginal sexual intercourse.

Vaginal Rejuvenation:

• Improves vaginal sensation during intercourse.

• Restores vaginal ridges which bring back sensation of the close-fitting vagina during intercourse.

• Improves vaginal sensation to penile friction strokes during vaginal intercourse.

There is no a one-fit-all procedure for vaginal rejuvenation but several different rocedures seven new vaginal rejuvenation procedures. These procedures were developed by Dr. Ostrzenski and they are applicable for different vaginal conditions to meet a particular
woman’s need to rectify symptoms and signs of an acquired sensation of wide/smooth vagina by means of vaginal rejuvenation. A reconstruction of vaginal site-specific defects
may be needed before cosmetic-plastic gynecologic procedure (s). This reconstruction operation should be performed separately and cannot be labeled or financially charge as a cosmetic-plastic operation(s).

The table below represents different types of vaginal rejuvenation procedures which were developed by Dr. Ostrzenski during his clinical research conducted between 2006 and 2010. A selection of an appropriate vaginal rejuvenation operation for a wide/smooth vagina can be made by identifying a patient’s specific clinical condition(s) and connecting this condition with a specific procedure (s). When a medical condition had been identified, the corresponding procedure could be recognized by using the vaginal rejuvenation classification table (Category I, II, III, or IV).  The selection of a specific vaginal rejuvenation surgical intervention for a particular  case can and will help to avoid subjecting all women with an acquired sensation of wide/smooth vagina to a one-fit-all

Such an approach is a key-factor to succeed in reduction of a sensation of an acquired sensation of wide/smooth vagina by applying an appropriate vaginal rejuvenation procedure.

Vaginal Rejuvevation – Table 1

* “Vaginal Regation Rejuvenation (Restoration): A New Surgical Technique for an Acquired Sensation of Wide/Smooth Vagina
Adam Ostrzenski
Gynecol Obsted Invest., 2011 August 5. [ePub ahead of print]
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